Re: Both Gtk-perl and Gtk2-perl[-xs]

Pascal said:
I'll still have to take a closer look into that. I'm relatively new to Gtk
[and graphical coding in general]...

search the list archives from this year; we've talked more than once about
tutorials and other materials to get you oriented with gtk.  it will save you
a lot of time and effort.

GtkCombo itself has not been deprecated, but GtkList, which is needed to
use GtkCombo effectively, is deprecated.  rather annoying, especially
since we wanted to leave all the deprecated stuff out.

ouff.. that's somewhat not so clean...
what is recommended for drop down lists atm (before gtk+ 2.4) ?

Gtk2::OptionMenu -- basically a button that pops up a menu when you click it.

most people asking about combo boxes really want option menus, but are used to
the Win32 Way of using comboboxes for everything.  that's bad interface,
though; a combo box should only be used if you can actually edit the text,
too.  (see the apple human interface guidelines, and the gnome ones, too) 
i've always been less than impressed by GtkCombo, so i'm not sorry not to use

the Gnome2::Entry implements something that is more like a useful combo box;
it's an entry with a drop-down history, and it can actually remember the
user's entries over multiple invocations of the program (using GConf to store
the string history).  iirc you can set the history to anything you want.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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