Re: Gtk2::GladeXML

 --- Ross McFarland <rwmcfa1 neces com> a écrit : 
Gnome2::PropertyBox is in the typemap, but there's no xs wrappers for it so
that seems to be a problem with the Gnome2 stuff and not your app. i'll try
and create wrappers for it tonight, but no garuntee's

alrite, i'll just wait and see what you can come up with :)
there's no Gtk2::GladeXML->init. there was some sort of init function in the
old Gtk-perl GladeXML stuff, but i found no need for it in the new. just call
the normal Gtk2->init, or Gnome2->Program-init or whathaveyou as appropriate.
off the top of my head i don't remember what the init did in GladeXML under
Gtk-perl so i can't tell you if i re-implemented it so the user doesn't have
to fool with it or if i just didn't need it at all. of course there's the 3rd
possibility that it was important and i didn't see why and just left it out.

okay, so the problem is most likely the GnomePropertyBox ...

btw, thanks alot for your help!


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