Re: Gtk2::GladeXML

Pascal said:
Can you guys point me to a GladeXML example ?

probably the only public one currently in existence for gtk2-perl-xs is in the
GladeXML/t directory.

I've simply searched and replaced any reference to Gtk to Gtk2 and Gnome to
Gnome2, modified the Gnome2::init to Gnome2::Program->init .

...And it doesn't work yet ;)

sorry, but we're gonna need more information that doesn't work yet if you want
any help in getting it to work. how about the error message(s) you are getting
or something like that.

if you used any deprecated widgets that were in Gtk, but are no longer
available in Gtk2 then things won't work. the tree/list stuff is a good
example of such a case.


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