Re: gtk+ 1.2.10, Gtk-Perl 0.7008 -- how the heck do I set initial window position?

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 21:09, Jonathan I. Kamens wrote:

I'm not using Gnome.  I'm using a straight Gtk-Perl application.  One
might think that perhaps "use Gtk '-init';" would parse -geometry on
the command line if it's there, since the documentation says that it
parses "certain" options but never says which ones, but it doesn't
appear to do that.

i was also hoping that gtk_init handled -geometry.  it doesn't, and the
the best reason i can find for it is the conscious decision to leave the
window placement to the window manager.


I've been programming X applications for more than a decade.  I know a
thing or two about how to write a well-behaved X application.

i certainly meant no offense about your programming background.  because
i have been bitten by this sort of thing myself, i was trying to remind
you that users of Gtk/Gnome apps will tend to expect different behavior
of Gtk/Gnome apps than of Xt/Motif apps.

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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