Re: gtk+ 1.2.10, Gtk-Perl 0.7008 -- how the heck do I set initial window position?

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 15:19, Andrew Pimlott wrote:
I'm just a lurker, but may I plead:  Please test such trickery
against a window manager configuration that uses manual window
placement.  Otherwise, those of us who use such configurations may
curse you.

you make a good point.

jonathan --- why are you pursing programmatic window placement?  i think
the gnome libraries are supposed to handle things like restoring
previous window positions.  in general, the guideline is "let the user
control where the window goes," which i believe is why there are no
direct window position control functions in gtk.

of course, there are always exceptions; for example, for my main project
at work, i need to be able to pop up windows in precisely controlled
predefined locations because the program (actually several programs
working together) will have about ten different tool palettes and status
windows that need to be in specific points around the screen.  however,
this is for a very dedicated and non-generic application framework.

in short, my point is, you might not need to worry about how to
implement the window placement.

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