Re: gtk+ 1.2.10, Gtk-Perl 0.7008 -- how the heck do I set initial window position?

 From: Guillaume Cottenceau <gc mandrakesoft com>
 Date: 28 Jan 2003 23:51:15 +0100
 you can also try with Gtk::Widget::set_uposition (on a
 Gtk::Window though), although there can be interaction problems
 with the window-manager, as you already noticed :/.

I tried that.  It doesn't work any better.

Any answer which includes the phrase "there can be interaction
problems with the window-manager" can't be the right answer to my
question.  Surely there is a correct way to tell the Window system the
correct size and position of the window before the window manager
tries to position it?

I'm coming from Xt & Xaw programming, so I find it hard to understand
why this should be a novel idea -- it's rudimentary functionality


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