Re: TreeView performance/simplicity

On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 15:22, Bruce Alderson wrote:

In some simple
tests, I've found that the TreeView can be populated with several
hundred items, in a way that performs much better than I expected
(milliseconds) .. and this is from file -> hash -> tree store.

how does it do over time?  does your process get sluggish after several
hours? (have you ever left it running that long?)  have you found any
memory leaks?  (i've recently grown concerned about string columns...)

I was also surprised how simple TreeStore is to use.  For some reason I
assumed it was some sort of terrible evil, because of the SimpleList
wrapper (the need to wrap hints at complexity).  The TreeStore is
actually trivial to use.  The SimpleList wrapper does make working with
the data nice, but doesn't support the TreeView stuff (not that it

personally, i use SimpleList purely for putting one-column lists into
dialogs with very little code.  imagine the kind of list where you just
want to present a selection of about fifty or a hundred things for the
user to select, and when the user clicks "Ok", you find out what was
selected.  SimpleList does that in just a few lines of code, rather than
a lot of MVC boilerplate.

SimpleList's tied array model is it's real attraction.  we may want to
break that out in the future, for use with the new GtkComboBox.  (of
course, the ComboBoxText convenience functions may make that a moot

I know I've said this before, but Gtk2-perl is good stuff: I'm able to
whip through prototyping ideas in minutes, and that's without much in
the way of documentation.

are you using the per-object manpages at all?  i know there's not a lot
of actual prose in them, but i still find them helpful, even when
writing C programs.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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