Re: TreeView performance/simplicity

On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 15:56, muppet wrote:
how does it do over time?  does your process get sluggish after several
hours? (have you ever left it running that long?)  have you found any
memory leaks?  (i've recently grown concerned about string columns...)

I haven't tested it for very long yet, and it's fairly static now
(startup -> load cache -> hash -> treestore).  I've been trying to
connect it to my file-system monitor lib, to update the internal
filelist (and also the treestore), but holiday interruptions are slowing
me down a bit.

personally, i use SimpleList purely for putting one-column lists into
dialogs with very little code.  imagine the kind of list where you just
want to present a selection of about fifty or a hundred things for the
user to select, and when the user clicks "Ok", you find out what was
selected.  SimpleList does that in just a few lines of code, rather than
a lot of MVC boilerplate.

Yeah, it's nice to replace boilerplate in those simple situations, and
SimpleList does it really well.  I was avoiding learning the TreeStore
(etc.) out of my lazy/retarded nature -- thinking it was somehow more
complicated.  Of course, it's not.

are you using the per-object manpages at all?  i know there's not a lot
of actual prose in them, but i still find them helpful, even when
writing C programs.

Yes, the pod pages are useful for finding function names, which can be
correlated to the Gtk+ C man pages.  Usually I have to try a few things,
or grep some examples to find specific solutions (like: "How do I make
an expandable list in a TreeView?") ... but the answers are all there,
given a bit of searching, even if it means finding some C-source that
shows an example of what I'm trying to do.   Best of all, things seem to
work the way I expect, and map well to the other bindings (and native C

Bruce Alderson <mx warpedvisions org>

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