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I have an application made in perl with Gtk2 that works ok in unix. 
And now I
want  to runt it in windows but I couldn't find a way to install
Gtk2::GladeXML. Could somebody guide my how to install libglade and 
on a Windows?

so far as i know, if you can compile Glib and Gtk2 on windows, there 
should be no problem compiling Gtk2::GladeXML --- i know of no platform 

then again, i haven't tried it, so the code might need some tweaking.

as for binary installs...  i have no idea.

it seems that i've to break the dreams again... :(

there shouldn't be a problem getting libgtk2-glade-perl to work under win32 (i don't know if
there's already a port), but libgtk2-gladexml-perl, i don't think so...

see, libgtk2-gladexml-perl needs libxml2 to be ported to win32 which afaik isn't ported yet.

if i remember right, i've been told that libxml2 needed gnome and that gnome couldn't be ported
because it needs gnomevfs (briefly, gnomevfs is far from being easy to port).
but i don't see why libxml2 would need gnome and the debian pkg also tells me that gnome isn't
needed (the debian pkg of libxml2 shows that it needs libc6 and zlib1g)...

anyway, the point is that we need libxml2 on win32...
i see at least 2 applications that have been ported to win32 and that, under gnu/linux, require
those applications are dia and abiword and it would be interesting to further investigate how
they're workedaround...

i see that there's a win32 directory to the libxml2 CVS and a quick search on google shows that
there's at least one way to get libxml2 working on win32 (w/ hardhat, altho i don't know what
hardhat is).

the libxml2 CVS can be found at two places, i guess the one on osaf is a mirror:

good luck, and plz keep us informed (i'm interested in your findings)!


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