Re: Vte latency creating the Widget?

Amen, as a result i pulled the code muppet sent to me a while back and managed
to get that working (thanks heaps muppet), i now once again have blazing fast
terminals (woot, zvt goodness).

Bit of advice for anyone using terminal widgets with high speed serial
connections, or for dumping ANSI text to, use the ZVT widget/bindings muppet
released last night, they're a MASSIVE improvment performance wise over the
gnome VTE ones.

The only gotcha's will be the slightly diferent interfaces to colours etc than
the rest of the Gtk2/Gnome suit.

On Mon, 22 Dec 2003, Ross McFarland wrote:

Torsten Schoenfeld said:
On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 09:09, Leon Strong wrote:

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Has anyone else noticed a rather large amount of latency when creating VTE
widgets? is it something i'm doing wrong? or is it just the lib in general
that's really slow? :)

I'd say it's the library.  On my machine, a simple Perl program and the
C equivalent that just call vte_terminal_new both take about one second
when started for the first time.

sound like in the process of reinventing the wheel they made it really really
shiny and oval. it will get you where you're going, and look good doing it,
but damn if the ride won't hurt.

actually i quit using gnome terminal (even when i was trying out the gnome
desktop) when i saw that it slowed down my compiles by 20+ percent. something
is way wrong when a terminal has that kinda of effect on things. i'll stick to
xterm, it's got it's issues, but it doesn't slow me down.

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