Re: getting Gtk-perl

Nori Heikkinen said:
great, thanks.  you say you're in 0.9x now, but everything after 0.12
looks like it's labelled "beta."[1]  since i want to use it, not help
test it (at least, until i get comfortable with it!), should i go with
0.12, or a beta 0.9x?

0.12 was alpha.  don't use 0.12.  use 0.94, which i just released today.

we're so close to 1.0 you can taste it.  in fact, the reason today's release
isn't 1.0 is that there was an under-the-hood change in Glib and several
documentation updates.

if you look at the cvs repository, you'll see that a very large portion of the
XS files in the Gtk2 module have not changed since 0.20, and that change was
for license comments.  the binding core stabilized before 0.90, and the
changes in the 0.9x series have mostly related to high-level wrappers
(SimpleList), documentation, or lesser-used functions that are only being
found missing now that our user base is increasing in size.

i understand that you don't want to be a tester, but we are taking great pains
to avoid breaking existing code in 0.9x, and we can't live without the bug

don't wait for 1.0, use 0.94 (released about two hours ago).

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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