Re: getting Gtk-perl

Nori Heikkinen said:
on Thu, 14 Aug 2003 05:42:37PM -0400, Ross McFarland insinuated:
On Thu, 2003-08-14 at 17:35, nori heikkinen wrote:
i'm trying to install gtk-perl, and don't know where best to get it.
[...] should lead you to what you're
looking for. we're in versions 0.9x right now should be 1.0 withing
a matter of weeks. this list is the place to get answers to any
questions about it.

great, thanks.  you say you're in 0.9x now, but everything after 0.12
looks like it's labelled "beta."[1]  since i want to use it, not help
test it (at least, until i get comfortable with it!), should i go with
0.12, or a beta 0.9x?

thanks much,

0.12 (and the numbers < 0.20) are a nearly completely different set of
bindings. don't use them unless you have a specific reason for doing so, which
is unlikely.

numbers > 0.30 (when we jumped to beta) have been extrememly stable. we might
of gotten 2 bugs since then, that were decently obscure, i'm sure the people
who found them would disagree. in reality it was just as stable before the
0.90 jump almost from the start. i won't claim that it's bug free, but i will
claim that you're going to have to dig pretty deep to find them. (my opinion
of course.) i have yet to have a crash in the production code that i've
created at any time other than the development stages (when the fault was on
the app not the modules.) the term beta is being applied in order to tell
people that we soon will go 1.0 and that they should give it a try.

short answer use 0.9x, as high as you can find, cvs even if you up to it.
within a week or two there should be 1.0 and code written for 0.9x will work
under it, unmodified.


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