Re: Gnome2::Print binding

* muppet <scott asofyet org>:

And remember: do not beat me too hard. ;-)

just a couple of things noted from looking at the patch....

xsubs which use PPCODE *must* return void.


ansi-style xsubs might have saved you some work in a few spots...

I'm still trying to grasp the difference between ansi-style and k&r-style
xsubs. Ansi-style seems to work for basic types, but not for complex
types such as GObject-derived types, etc.

be sure that you use gchar_own on the return value for strings that  
you're supposed to free.


I do not know. :-)

perhaps you need gperl_object_set_no_warn_unreg_subclass?

That did the trick. :-)


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