Gnome2::Print binding

Hi all,

Using muppet's excellent binding howto, I've been toying around in order
to get a working binding for libgnomeprint(ui), and it seems that I've
just god some luck. :-)

I said "toying around" since I'm no XS-expert, and my code will need
some "peer review" (just being optimistic: probably, you're going to
LART me with a big stick :-)).

I've been able to port the gnomeprint example from PyGNOME under
gtk2perl, but there are still some functions that need to be bound, so
I'm going to work on them within this week. As a sample, here's a patch
against the current CVS.

And remember: do not beat me too hard. ;-)


BTW: Seems to me that there's some black magic at work, inside
libgnomeprint. gperl complains loudly that there are some missing types
(e.g.: "GnomePrintPdf", "GnomePrintMeta") all subtypes of
GnomePrintContext; unfortunately, they are not defined inside the header
files, so I'll need to download the complet source tarball of
libgnomeprint, unless there's some obvious method to wrap them and that
I do not know. :-)

Kind regards,

Emmanuele Bassi (Zefram)           [ ]
GnuPG Key fingerprint = 4DD0 C90D 4070 F071 5738  08BD 8ECC DB8F A432 0FF4

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