Re: Gtk::perl documentation?

On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 18:20, muppet wrote:

constants are handled as strings, for readability, and because it can happen
automagically thanks to the GType system.  in general, strip the prefix,
lowercase it, and optionally convert _ to -:

    GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL => 'toplevel'
    GTK_BUTTONS_OK_CANCEL => 'ok-cancel'  (or 'ok_cancel')

flags are a special case.  you can't bitwise-or strings, so you provide a
reference to an array of them instead.  anonymous arrays are useful here, and
an empty anonymous array is a great way to say 'no flags'.

    FOO_BAR_BAZ | FOO_BAR_QUU | FOO_BAR_QUUX => [qw/baz quu quux/]
    0 => []

note that if you don't like the short form or aren't sure what it would be,
you can just stringify the full form, e.g.:

   'GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL' is equivalent to 'toplevel'

the _STOCK_ stuff is a little different; you actually give the stock id
string, e.g., GTK_STOCK_OK => 'gtk-ok'.  i don't know where the docs are for
that, but it's been my first guess every time.

This bit here I think is key to an problem I'm working on. 

I'm trying to properly handle the $event->{state} from a
key_press_event. I've seen references to using bitwise operations with
the constant CONTROL_MASK for example to check for the CTRL key. Direct
comparisons fail because the value of $event->{state} changes depending
on other keys, such as num lock or caps lock.

I'm having a hard time translating this to Gtk-Perl and so far have
found no examples (maybe I'm not searching right?). As a non working
example this tries to insert \n into a Gtk::Text widget on SHIFT-Return:

sub _keypress_entry {
  my ($self, $widget, $event) = @_;
  if ($event->{'state'} == 1 &&
      ($event->{'keyval'} == $Gtk::Keysyms{'Return'} {
    my $pos = $widget->get_position();
    $widget->insert_text("\n", $pos);
    return 1;

The above works ONLY if no other modifier keys are being pressed and
num/caps/scroll lock are off.

Thanks for the help.

Scott Russell <lnxgeek us ibm com>
Linux Technology Center System Admin

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