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Chas Owens said:
pod2text perlxs    | a2ps
pod2text perlxstut | a2ps
pod2text perlguts  | a2ps

today before my 1.5 hour drive home tonight so I will get lots of
stoplight reading done.  Are there any other docs I should read?

perlapi is a good one, but i wouldn't recommend printing it out (it's HUGE and
mostly a reference that you'd want to search).

perlcall is handy, explaining more of the magic behind the stack, but i've
just finished writing and am about to test a helper class called
GPerlCallback, which, combined with GPerlClosure for signal handlers, should
mask all need for anybody else ever to have to call perl from C by hand again
within Gtk2-Perl.  (provided it works.  ;-)

also, if you're into books, "Extending and Embedding Perl" by jennes and
cozens, (c) 2003, manning publishings, looks quite good.  ISBN 1-930110-82-0. 
 the back cover says that there's an E-Book edition available from, but i haven't looked.   unfortunately, i'd already
learned most of this stuff the hard way a couple of years back, so i've only
flipped through the book a couple of times.

you'll be reading for knowledge of how to handle special cases, because 90% of
bindings involve no work (which is how we've gotten so far so quickly).

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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