Re: yap - Gtk2::FileSelector

On 18 Apr 2003, muppet wrote:

On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 18:24, Chas Owens wrote:
Again, a little thievery and cleaning up.

also applied, with minor changes.  (my mailer converted tabs to space
and the patchs were rejected, so i did it by hand.)

Probably my copy and pasting was responsible for it.

for the heavily aliased functions used to fetch structure members, i've
been trying to use a descriptive name, like "member_widgets" or the like
instead of one of the aliased names --- the actual function name is
ignored anyway when you use an ALIAS section.  mostly aesthetic for

Makes sense, I just stole most of the code from the original Gtk-Perl
and left those parts that didn't need to be change alone.  I will
pretty up an further changes in this manor.  Are there any other style
issues you want me to be concerned with?  I have noticed you use four
spaces for sections, but tabs for code indents and have tried to keep
that style.

also, instead of using malloc and free i've been using either g_new and
g_free or putting strings into SVs.  use the glib allocators because,
well, we're working with glib and it's a little more consistent.  use
SVs when you are going to croak and need to free a string -- the SVs are
garbage collected and can survive a croak, malloc'd strings will be
leaked by a croak (croak doesn't return, but doesn't necessarily kill
the program either).

Thanks, I will include this in my list of things to change (like
"pointer = 0" to "pointer = NULL" and "char* var" to "const gchar*

BTW: should it be considered a bug that $fs->complete doesn't actually
cause the file list to be filtered (you have to hit tab)?  The same thing
happens in Gtk#, so I know it isn't a Gtk-Perl-XS problem.

we added a workaround for the GtkGammaCurve bug, because the Gtk team
said they wouldn't fix it.  is there a workaround we could use for this
one, and if so, would it be wise to do so if everybody else doesn't?  (i
think that behavior is intentional, actually)

I have played with it a little more, it does do a complete on the filename,
but does not restrict the file list like tab does.  I think we should
leave it like it is, but report it as a bug.

<snip href="";>
Will attempt to match pattern to a valid filenames or subdirectories in the current directory. If a match can 
be made, the matched filename will appear in the text entry field of the file selection dialog. If a partial 
match can be made, the "Files" list will contain those file names which have been partially matched, and the 
"Folders" list those directories which have been partially matched.

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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