Re: new gtk2-perl

goran kirra net wrote:
Me too.
I have always said that I would accept hard technical reasons not to
use inline while political reason would have no weight. Show me the code,
and muppet did so! :-)

I think we should put muppet efforts in CVS f.ex. with the module name
"gtk2-perl-xs" and continue hacking in parallell modules.
If or when gtk2-perl-xs surpasses gtk2-perl in functionality and stability
we can decide to switch the official releases to gtk2-perl-xs and deprecate the inline based module.


happy hacking

I haven't wanted to say much yet because I've not contributed any code but this sounds like the best of all worlds to me.

Also, let me say that I am really impressed with the wonderful attitude you are all expressing. "let the best code win" is an ideal that is often repeated but can be much harder to live up to when one is talking about his own code.

I'm inspired to figure out how I can help. I really want to see gtk2+ work well under perl. This seems like another piece of evidence that it will.

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