Re: new gtk2-perl

goran kirra net wrote:

Me too.
I have always said that I would accept hard technical reasons not to
use inline while political reason would have no weight. Show me the code,
and muppet did so! :-)

I think we should put muppet efforts in CVS f.ex. with the module name
"gtk2-perl-xs" and continue hacking in parallell modules.
If or when gtk2-perl-xs surpasses gtk2-perl in functionality and stability
we can decide to switch the official releases to gtk2-perl-xs and deprecate 
the inline based module.


I'd appreciate that very much.

Göran: you're a great hacker with strength of character (I don't know 
how I would have reacted in this situation). I'm sure this way we get 
the best Gtk2-Perl possible.



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