Re: Newbie Question

On Tue, 2003-04-08 at 01:43, vinod wrote:
        I am new comer to the Glade and GTK-perl so that why i am not sure
whether i am asking a foolish question, I have a small form which is shows
two labels .

disclaimer: i am not a glade guru.  in fact, i only use it for
prototyping guis, and have never actually made a real project out of it,
but i know lots of people do.

1)  I want the label to be declared as a variable so that the value of the
variable will be some string from a file in the proc directory, How will i
take care of this when i use GLADE ?

glade lets you give a name to your widgets, and provides support
functions to let you look the widgets up by name to retrieve pointers to
them.  this is probably what you want to do.

2)  Also i want the form gets auto refreshed , so that the label content
varies according to the file contents in the /proc directory. This should be
be automatic, in the sense, i should not close the application and start
again to get the refreshed valuse ?

gah.  this is getting into systems work.  you'll want either to put in a
timer that wakes up every so often and re-reads the file and refreshes
the gui, or use FAM or something similar to register a callback to your
function to do the same thing with less resources and finer granularity.

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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