Re: gtk2-perl / a script to help converting basic functions

I read  the debate with great interest,
both Scott (muppet) and Guillaume (gc) 
has good arguments.

But as I state before I am lean towards
 keep it simple - no supprices approach 
(as does Scott).
BTW I don't think keeping a global $main_window reference
around that is never used again just to keep a reference 
count > 0 "not as clean as it should be".

Most window are closed interactively which can be a bigger
problem if we still has the perl reference around and access
it? Any solutions beside SEGV/assert-failure?

Old gtk-perl has it's share of problem and can not
to considered rock stable. I think part of the problem
was trying to be too clever. We should avoid this trap.

Another argument is that the perl way of doing thing
is "NOT to set policy". I a perler want butt ugly code
it is his/her choice.

Much of GCs code cleanup macros has done wonders (when
I got used to them) for code cleaness but let's not take
it a step too far.

best regards,

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