Re: gtk2-perl / a script to help converting basic functions

Guillaume Cottenceau <gc mandrakesoft com> writes:

Do we have an helpful tool to efficiently/easily check for memory

Ok, I've:

- added a misc-examples/ to ease up tests for
  memory leaks (calls 5000 times a closure and print the size of
  the process before and after);

- written newSVgchar in _Helpers that does what you suggested
  (converts to an SV* then g_free the gchar*), to be used with
  allocated gchar* returned back by gtk; fixed TextBuffer and
  genscripts/ accordingly

It seems that doing what you suggested fixed the memory leak of
the gchar*; but it seems that there is another big leak we didn't
know about, it's destructors; here's the output of

---- mem:   8516 kB -- TextView get_text
---- mem:  12032 kB 

---- mem:  12032 kB -- TextView get_text with static bounds
---- mem:  12032 kB 

---- mem:  12144 kB -- Button get_label
---- mem:  12148 kB 

---- mem:  12148 kB -- Button new
---- mem:  14012 kB 

The first test leaks memory probably because it calls
TextBuffer::get_bounds which create each time two Gtk2::TextIter
objects, and the last test leaks memory just by creating a new
button with no label...

Goran, have you looked at the problem of object destruction?

It seems that in gtk-perl there is pretty much code for that (in
Gtk/GtkTypes.c)... including a garbage collector handled by hand!

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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