Re: gtk2-perl / a script to help converting basic functions

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 07:24:15PM +0200, Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:
Guillaume Cottenceau <gc mandrakesoft com> writes:

It seems that in gtk-perl there is pretty much code for that (in
Gtk/GtkTypes.c)... including a garbage collector handled by hand!

Actually I think I've better understood what's going on (partly
at least): we simply can't destroy a widget when Perl's DESTROY
is called on this widget, since it would break the functional
style packing (at least).

E.g. when doing:


The DESTROY function of Gtk2::Button is called.. but we can't
destroy the button widget at that time!

we can not free memory we have passed to libgtk+ so
generic DESTROYs aren't working. There are "ref count"
variables in some struct that can be usable
We should be more careful about freeing memory
but I think it requires an inteligent decision
in every case individually.


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