Re: gtk2-perl / a script to help converting basic functions

Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:

i'm not sure we understand each other.

okay, let's do a sanity check:

perl by convention auto-destroys things when the last reference to the perl object goes away. you're proposing to make perl auto destroy windows (but not regular widgets, i believe), when the perl var pointing to them goes away.

my grievance is that this behavior will violate the principle of least surprise by making the interface for window destruction inconsistent.

i don't mean to beat a dead horse by going on about this, so please don't take it the wrong way. i'm complaining vehemently because i have in the past set up for myself a scheme much like what you describe and it caused grave problems.

a pool of objects is a good idea, as it lets you always get back the same perl object for the same C pointer, thus making widget comparisons possible.

it doesn't, however, solve the problem that it is legal and often useful to have a window which will destroy itself but for which no pointer to it exists outside the function that creates it --- the object pool still requires the app programmer to keep a global or at least long-lived reference to the window around, increasing the amount of bookkeeping required of the programmer.

i think i'm going in circles.  damned head cold.  i'll shut up now.

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