Re: gtk2-perl

Hi all ,

On 23 Oct 2002 19:24:15 +0200
Guillaume Cottenceau <gc mandrakesoft com> wrote:

I write this message as a thread of the gtk2-perl's because , ahead of my simple question , i want to say 
bravo to the reactivity of the community in general ( i really was wondering how long it would take to 
Mandrake to take charge of this ;-) , to the effort that's being undertaken , bravo as well for the few 
developpers to seem to get on so well even after the short and initial misunderstanding .

Now back to my question .

Why are you spending so much energy and time to develop the gtk2 version of gtk-perl ? I mean , of course , 
aside from compatibility , what's new in GTK+ 2.0 ?
( i'm developping my own wrapper around gtk , as anybody else , i guess , and i'd like to know what will i 
have to do to keep up with your work ?
For instance , i saw a disturbing , if not critical , change in the way of connecting a signal to a widget 
... ) .

Thanks again , sorry i can't help ( i only barely know bits of Perl ) .

D vid 

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