Re: Real news (was: gtk2 news)

On 10 Oct 2002 19:58:53 -0700
Stephen Wilhelm <swilhelm theriver com> wrote:
An interesting use for the tutorial that I had never envisioned.  I am
constantly amazed at how popular it has become.
It's always the same . But i can see no surprising fact here considering the tutorial is the concentration of 
a good amount of very neat work .

I probably won't have the time to help out with the port, but I am
working on a new version of the tutorial.  Mostly I've been reorganizing
it (the old one was a little long to be properly called a tutorial).
I'm nobody on this list to tell what to do , i am just giving my opinion : according to me , there is not a 
single line to withdraw from your tutorial ( rather there could be some to add ... ) . If your tutorial is so 
popular , it's because it's exactly what people expect when they need and want a step by step explanation . 
And it's something that's hardly found in the open source community who is enamoured with the very strict and 
sometimes inaccurate man pages .
( By the way , i'm not complaining , i'm just giving the point of view of a non professionnal computer user , 
an eternal beginner ;-) .

D vid 

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