Real news (was: gtk2 news)

And a month goes bye....

In my limited spare time I continued to hack away on
my implementation and test program. Now I think I finally
has a signal system that works well.

My plan is not to hack together wrappers for all functions
in Gtk+ 2.x at once. Rather I want "use cases" so that all
code gets tested.
I am working my way through the tutorial
porting the example programs to perl and implementing
needed functionality. Currently working on ported
from (chapter 9.1)

If people are interested in helping out I can put it
on SourceForge (CVS) or just a release area and my own
site. I have uploaded a snapshot tarball from yesterday to

Anyway I can accept code and patches:
- new wrappers and function should have "use cases" == test that use that code
- patches should have a changelog entry explain the hows and whys

happy hacking,

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