Re: Real news (was: gtk2 news)

On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 04:31, goran kirra net wrote:

I am working my way through the tutorial
porting the example programs to perl and implementing
needed functionality. Currently working on ported
from (chapter 9.1)

An interesting use for the tutorial that I had never envisioned.  I am
constantly amazed at how popular it has become.

I probably won't have the time to help out with the port, but I am
working on a new version of the tutorial.  Mostly I've been reorganizing
it (the old one was a little long to be properly called a tutorial).

Anyway, because of the new and updated widget set in Gtk 2.0, many of
the example programs will need rewriting.  If someone does this, please
forward the new 2.0 version to me, as it will save me considerable
effort.  And this time, I am going to try to write down contributors, so
that I can properly give credit where credit is due (something I
completely failed to do with the existing tutorial).  :)

To Goran and everyone else, good luck with the Gtk 2.0 port.  We really
appreciates all the hard work going into it.

As an aside, does anyone know about the official web site and how to go
about changing it?  I think Poalo maintained it, and he seems to have

Stephen Wilhelm
    See my Gtk-Perl Tutorial:

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