Re: Gtk::HTML, a nice way to stop loading ?

Dear German, 

Thank you for your answer. 

I found that I was actually proceeding the wrong way. In order 
to abort, I now call the die method of the LWP::UserAgent object 
responsible for the load request. With some bookkeeping of the 
running handle, things seems to work better. But I do still 
observe little odd behaviours that may be due to (unaccessible ?) 
timing issues ?!


Latevi Max LAWSON DAKU wrote:
I'm trying to use the Gtk::HTML package.

While browsing the web, I receive a segfault when I try to load a
URL && another URL is still being processed.

For what I've understood, this has to do with a correct
manipulation of the handle of the HTML widget.

I can't find a way to get rid of this problem.  Has anyone met this
problem and found a solution ?

The most of time in my case has been for calling methods with
unsufficients parameters (I've never used Gtk::HTML).

By example, adding 3 elements (columns) in a CTree with 5 columns is
a segfault.

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