Re: Gtk::Gdk::Pixmap: load from PNG or JPEG file

On 11/20/01 Joern Reder wrote:
But now a possibly philosophic question: which module *should* I use: 
GdkPixBuf or GdkImlib? Where are advantages, drawbacks? Both modules are
part of the default distribution, aren't they? Are there any 
dependencies of these modules to other libs? I think this would be a 
substantial argument, among features, because installation of Perl Gtk 
can be hard enough. So I don't wont to bother the user with complying 
more requirements than necessary.

Both modules are part of the default distribution. Imlib used to be
more widely deployed years ago, but that is not the case anymore.
GdkPixbuf will be a standard part of Gtk+ 2.0, so it will be the default
image module in the perl binding (and I don't think there are any plans
to port Imlib 1.x to Gtk+ 2.0, dunno about imlib 2.0).
As for features, currently they are not equivalent: Imlib has file save
capability and better control of gamma correction. GdkPixbuf is faster,
more predictable on memory usage, handles the alpha layer and can use
higher quality scaling algorithms. GdkPixbuf in Gtk+ 2.0 will be able to
save files as well, so the choice really depends on what you needed to
do. If both are adequate for your needs, I'd go with GdkPixbuf.


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