Re: Gtk::Gdk::Pixmap: load from PNG or JPEG file

Paolo Molaro wrote:

You need to render the image to a pixmap before retrieving the pixmap:

      $image->render ($image->rgb_width, $image->rgb_height);
      $gdk_pixmap = $image->copy_image;

You may also use render() to scale the image, just provide the wanted
width and height.

Great, this works! Thanks.

But now a possibly philosophic question: which module *should* I use: 
GdkPixBuf or GdkImlib? Where are advantages, drawbacks? Both modules are
part of the default distribution, aren't they? Are there any 
dependencies of these modules to other libs? I think this would be a 
substantial argument, among features, because installation of Perl Gtk 
can be hard enough. So I don't wont to bother the user with complying 
more requirements than necessary.


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