Re: Signal Handler Block

Paolo Molaro wrote:

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, Paolo Molaro wrote:
I guess Glade2Perl could save somewhere the connection id (and the same
can be done by the GladeXML module), or it could accept a callback
from the user that reports the connection id.

Thinking a bit more about this issue: it happens so rarely that you need
to know the connection id for a signal that adding API and support for
it is too much to pay. A simple solution is to connect to that signal
yourself and remove the connection from the glade file.

Hi, yes I agree. Nobody has asked for this in the past and I have never
even needed to use a signal handler connection ID for anything. 

I have added a user option to generate the code that I described in a
previous email (also catering for connection 'after') and that  will 
appear in Glade-Perl-0.60 but I don't think that anyone will ever really 
need to use it. In any case, it is pretty horrible since you need to 
specify the form, widget, signal and whether it is connected normally or

I am sure that it is better to store specific signal connections when it
is absolutely necessary rather than provide a generic mechanism for _all_ 
signals connected.

Regards, Dermot

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