Re: First Post with a Question...

On Fri, 22 Jun 2001, Dermot Musgrove wrote:
Thanks for the reply but it doesn't seem to work.  I tried both returning
1 and 0 and neither had any effect.  Do you think I'm doing it wrong or is
there another solution?

celston corky sapien net

Hi Chris,

Chris Elston wrote:

develop, I want to associate a right mouse click with a particular popup
menu.  I've gotten the popup menu to work 99% (as good as any programmer
can gurantee :) ) but I want to some how turn off that default
middle/right click functionality.  I've tried doing a
"singal_disconnect_all" on both the tree item and subtree of that item to
no avail.
I think that you want to 'return 1;' when you have handled the click
so that Gtk knows that you want to stop the event from propagating on.

HTH, Dermot

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