Re: Statically linked Gtkperl-script?


So, I answer on it:

   Hello, David! :oD

First of all, I want to know how to compile Perl script and plus
*statically*. ;o) If you mean 'perlcc' (some suck to make bloatELF "Hello
World" about  3 meg's), so my answer is *NO*.

Sorry if I expressed me incorrectly. I thought I would copy the compiled 
Gtkperl files into the directory where I have my perl script and then I would 
be able to distribute this without the others need to have gtk installed on 
their systems.

=> Distribute perl script with the gtkperl - bineries / libraries together

It's because I don't want to install gtkperl on the other systems because I 
am not sure if I am allowed to (have the permissions for it)...
I have seen that the libraries are about 100 kbs and the binaries about 300 
kbs.. Maybe I must change some paths....


PS: Sorry for my english

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