Re: Statically linked Gtkperl-script?

To all about [ Statically linked Gtkperl-script? ]:
| Hi folks,
| is it possible to make a program with a statically linked gtkperl version 
| like opera with its statically linked qt version ? I want to install some 
| programs of mine on some machines in school (I don't have root privileges) 
| and I am not sure if it is possible to make a perlgtk installation there so I 
| think I could use the binaries from my own machine. Can I do so ?
| Is there a perl function which tells me what files I would need and which I 
| don't need ?
| Thanks for help,
| David Weisgeber
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| gtk-perl-list gnome org

So, I answer on it:

   Hello, David! :oD

First of all, I want to know how to compile Perl script and plus *statically*. ;o)
If you mean 'perlcc' (some suck to make bloatELF "Hello World" about  3 meg's), 
so my answer is *NO*.

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                -- Mickey Mouse

[ Sun Apr  1 15:54:59 EET 2001 ]

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