Re: Statically linked Gtkperl-script?


From: David Weisgerber <kx1 gmx net>

#  Hi folks,
#  is it possible to make a program with a statically linked gtkperl version 
#  like opera with its statically linked qt version ? I want to install some 
#  programs of mine on some machines in school (I don't have root privileges) 
#  and I am not sure if it is possible to make a perlgtk installation there so I 
#  think I could use the binaries from my own machine. Can I do so ?
#  Is there a perl function which tells me what files I would need and which I 
#  don't need ?

  If I get your problem right, you want to install gtkperl on a
machine on which you don't have root access, and then share programs
that use gtkperl with other users.

  If that's the case, you may install the perl Gtk module by doing 

    perl Makefile.PL -prefix=/your/local/installation/directory

  at the be beginning of the installation. When you will do 

    make install

  (as a simple user), the installation will be done in
/your/local/installation/directory. In your perl programs, you will
then put a line :

   use lib "/your/local/installation/directory";

  WARNING : I'm just quoting "man perlmodinstall". I have not done this
kind of "local installations" in ages.

  Good luck,


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