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Dermot Musgrove wrote:

"Alexandre Jousset work" wrote:

    My question was also about the right way to create a popup menu. I'm using Gnome and I wanted to have 
some small icons in the popup menu, using of course the same stock icons that for the standard menus 
created with $gnome_app->create_menus(...). How could I do that ?
Hi, I gather that you are using Glade so you can just create a menu with
Glade and add all the mini-icons/stock items that you need and then
generate the perl source code with Glade-Perl.

    Ok so I need to go back to my old source. I started using this (Glade generated source) and after I found 
the Gnome shortcuts. I was thinking of some shortcuts to access the widgets (like 
$itemfactory->get_widget('path') for an item factory).

    So apparently you cannot use $gnome_app->create_menus(...) to create dynamic menus...

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