Re: [gtk-osx-users] Building on PPC fails - what is the current status?

On Apr 1, 2013, at 1:49 PM, t tensi gmx de wrote:

Dear all, dear John,

John wrote:
[HOORAY: going back to pango 1.30 makes Gtk finally work
 on Tiger]
So are you building with MacPorts or GtkOSX? The two are
mutually incompatible...

I am using MacPorts exclusively.  I also tried JHBuild, but
I was too dumb to configure it correctly and ran into several
build problems.

I really admire the clean moduleset definition of jhbuild,
but since I have used Macports before and because the
problem was not MacPorts-related (but the advanced Pango
version instead), I stayed there.

[some deprecated functions like "gdk_font_draw_text"
 seem to exist and bind, but do not work]
There is no function gdk_font_draw_text, deprecated or
otherwise.  There's a gdk_draw_text, which isn't
deprecated --

Yes, sorry, you are right!  I was too hilarious about my
success and mixed up the Gdk font stuff (deprecated) and the
gdk_draw_text routine.

Nevertheless the Gdk documentation says that "gdk_draw_text"
is also deprecated ;-)

but it's also not in Gtk3, so rewriting your program to
use Cairo directly is a good step. If there are functions
that fail silently in quartz it's likely that they are
stubbed out -- meaning an empty function present just to
get your program to build and run.

Yes, I assume the same.  But - as you said - porting to
Cairo was no wasted effort, so I did not investigate

The choices are to implement them or (as you have done)
work around them. If you feel strongly that they shouldn't
be there the place to take that up is gtk-devel-list.

I am not sure whether I should address that: in principle it
is not okay to make routines fail silently (although deprecated),
but as my platform is so exotic I do not want to generate
effort upstream.

Again thanks for your thorough analysis!

This mailing list is generally for jhbuild, not MacPorts. The only exceptions are occasional issues around 
gtk-mac-integration and gtk-mac-bundler, which I grudgingly support on MacPorts even though they're intended 
to be used with jhbuild.

Indeed, most of GtkDrawable is deprecated. That's accomplished by wrapping the declarations in gdkdrawable.h 
which you must explicitly define either in code or with a -DGDK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED to the compiler or it 
won't build.

But gdk_drawable_draw_text() is also stubbed out in gdkdrawable-quartz.c, so even if you *do* define 
GDK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED it won't do anything on quartz.

There are plenty of undeprecated functions which are stubbed out (and therefore fail silently) in the non-X11 
backends. Again, the place to discuss that is gtk-delvel-list.

John Ralls

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