Re: [gtk-osx-users] Building on PPC fails - what is the current status?

On Mar 31, 2013, at 10:55 AM, t tensi gmx de wrote:

Dear all, dear John,

John has recommended:
[current Gtk-OSX-build fails on Tiger: no fonts displayed]
The easiest way for you to proceed would be to clone gtk-osx and
checkout a revision from before last November and build against
those modulesets.


Thanks for all recommendations and helpful instructions!

I went back to some pango version without harfbuzz and it
worked out.  My Macports setup (extract...) is:

  cairo       @1.12.14_0+quartz
  gtk2        @2.24.16_0+no_x11+quartz
  pango       @1.30.1_1+no_x11+quartz
  gdk-pixbuf2 @2.26.5_4
  glib2       @2.34.3_0

Unfortunately deprecated routines (like gdk_font_draw_text)
do not work, but I have now ported my program to use Cairo
exclusively and now everything is fine.

I did not expect deprecated routines to fail silently: either
they should work or compilation/linking should fail.

So are you building with MacPorts or GtkOSX? The two are mutually incompatible...

There is no function gdk_font_draw_text, deprecated or otherwise. There's a gdk_draw_text, which isn't 
deprecated --
but it's also not in Gtk3, so rewriting your program to use Cairo directly is a good step. If there are 
functions that fail silently
in quartz it's likely that they are stubbed out -- meaning an empty function present just to get your program 
to build and run.
The choices are to implement them or (as you have done) work around them. If you feel strongly that they 
shouldn't be there the place to take that up is gtk-devel-list.

John Ralls

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