Re: [gtk-osx-users] Building on PPC fails - what is the current status?

Dear all, dear John,

John wrote:
> > [HOORAY: going back to pango 1.30 makes Gtk finally work
> >  on Tiger]
> Yay!
> So are you building with MacPorts or GtkOSX? The two are
> mutually incompatible...

I am using MacPorts exclusively.  I also tried JHBuild, but
I was too dumb to configure it correctly and ran into several
build problems.

I really admire the clean moduleset definition of jhbuild,
but since I have used Macports before and because the
problem was not MacPorts-related (but the advanced Pango
version instead), I stayed there.

> > [some deprecated functions like "gdk_font_draw_text"
> >  seem to exist and bind, but do not work]
> There is no function gdk_font_draw_text, deprecated or
> otherwise.  There's a gdk_draw_text, which isn't
> deprecated --

Yes, sorry, you are right!  I was too hilarious about my
success and mixed up the Gdk font stuff (deprecated) and the
gdk_draw_text routine.

Nevertheless the Gdk documentation says that "gdk_draw_text"
is also deprecated ;-)

> but it's also not in Gtk3, so rewriting your program to
> use Cairo directly is a good step. If there are functions
> that fail silently in quartz it's likely that they are
> stubbed out -- meaning an empty function present just to
> get your program to build and run.

Yes, I assume the same.  But - as you said - porting to
Cairo was no wasted effort, so I did not investigate

> The choices are to implement them or (as you have done)
> work around them. If you feel strongly that they shouldn't
> be there the place to take that up is gtk-devel-list.

I am not sure whether I should address that: in principle it
is not okay to make routines fail silently (although deprecated),
but as my platform is so exotic I do not want to generate
effort upstream.

Again thanks for your thorough analysis!

            Best regards,


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