Re: [gtk-osx-users] Formulation for using gtk-mac-bundler with Macports

On Apr 1, 2013, at 2:08 PM, t tensi gmx de wrote:

Dear John,

just a minor correction for your README file in

You write:

  »If you build with Macports, make sure that the Pango
   atsui module is builtin to the Pango library, by using
   the configure flag --with-included-modules=basic-atsui.«

There is a so-called "variant" in Macports for Pango called
"builtin_modules".  This binds several modules statically
into Pango.  So you could think of reformulating your
recommendation as:

  »If you build with Macports, make sure that Pango is
   built with variant "+builtin_modules", which includes
   several modules like ATSUI statically in the Pango

Possibly you have a better formulation since I am not a
native speaker ;-)

I have also sent some corrections for a current
gtk-mac-bundler port to the Macports maintainers, because
they still are using version 0.6.0.


Please use the user mailing list in future rather than writing me directly.

I don't actually use MacPorts and that paragraph was supplied by someone who does.
Depending on what version of Pango MacPorts is shipping, that advice may be obsolete because Pango doesn't 
support atsui since version 1.32.

I think I should remove it from the README and let MacPorts include in their supplemental information what 
ports are supported and what build parameters to pass to each.

John Ralls

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