Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Issues with non-Latin keyboards

On May 4, 2010, at 4:35 AM, F Wolff wrote:

Ah, so you're using a normal Apple keyboard, and just changing the
layouts in Language & Text / International, is that right? (Oh, I
forgot to ask what version of OSX?)

Hmm. Looks like one needs to set $GTK_IM_MODULE somehow, but a cursory
google doesn't show clearly to what it should be set. (This would be
something handled in Linux by the Gnome desktop infrastructure which
doesn't exist in Gtk-OSX, so we'll have to work out something else.)
Do you know where the input modules live and how to set that variable?

Hi John

It seems I was a bit sparse in my description :-)  I'm on OSX 10.5 and
talking about a physical Apple keyboard with different layouts selected
in System Preferences -> International -> Input Menu.

I think we tried the GTK IM as well (from the context menu) and it
didn't work correctly either. (In other words, at least some of them
seemed to have built correctly automatically.) We might have tried
Amharic which might not have had a font installed, so I'll need to go
and confirm this again.  Of course, this shouldn't distract our
attention from the fact that plain keyboard layouts (with the "simple"
IM) seems to not be working.

Did you see my second rock about having to rebuild gtk+ with --with-included-immodules=yes?

John Ralls

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