Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Issues with non-Latin keyboards

Op Ma, 2010-05-03 om 08:33 -0700 skryf John Ralls:
> On May 3, 2010, at 8:16 AM, F Wolff wrote:
> > Hallo everybody
> > 
> > Is there a known issue with typing non-Latin text? I can't get typing to
> > result in any text, either by selecting a keyboard layout in the System
> > Preferences, or by selecting the input method in the GTK context menu.
> > 
> > Relevant fonts are definitely installed.
> > 
> > Thank you for any advice.
> Not that I've heard of before, but you might simply be the first one
> to try. Can you provide some details about what build you're using
> (i.e., stable, unstable, or unqualified) 

Building with jhbuild with no versions specified, so I assume git
master.  This was Thursday last week (2010-04-29).

> 		and what application you're building? 

I only actually tried this now with our own application, Virtaal,
written in pygtk. Result is the same for textareas and plain entries.

> Have you already integrated the menus with ige-mac-integration?

This was not in effect at the time that I tested it now with a new build
on someone's machine (I think we haven't yet built the python bindings
for it at the time).  I can hopefully try again on a machine at the
office which is still running on the version on the old ISO image posted
many moons ago that has the menu integration if you suspect some
interference from the gtk menu.

> Presumably the keyboard is working with other Mac applications, and
> you have a similar keyboard working on your Linux build of the app in
> question. 

We tested (at least) Russian, Arabic and a few others from the standard
list in OSX, and a custom keyboard for Akan.  The Akan keyboard actually
had better results, failing only on the non-ASCII characters. Everything
is working fine in Linux and Windows (including Arabic, Cyrillic, etc.
that isn't working on OSX), except for this issue on Windows:

The British English layout seemed to work fine, including non-ASCII

I can check again that all these work well in other Mac applications,
but have no reason to doubt that they would work perfectly.


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