Re: Quick query re: ige-mac-integration

On 16/06/2010, at 2:01 AM, John Ralls wrote:

Please address questions to the mailing list or forum.

Will do.

Yes, I decided that it's rude to force that change, as some users might want to leave the accelerator mappings alone. The simple solution is the Gtk solution: Add a line to your code to load an accelerator map, and provide one which uses the OSX mappings. Users can then comment out all of the entries.

There's a template accelerator map in the "data" directory of ige- mac-integration which includes extensive instructions, but it's easier to add gtk_accel_map_save("filename") to your program for one run to get a complete dump of all of the accelerators and to edit the accelerator keys -- usually you can just replace <ctrl> with <meta> and you're done. Change the "save" to "load" (assuming that the call is in the right place) and you're set.

Thanks for the comprehensive reply! I had overlooked the contents of the data directory.


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