Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Creating a gtk+osx gtkglext framework for use with OpenGL?

On Jun 21, 2009, at 3:15 AM, Jack Skellington wrote:

> I've started a Xcode project for gtkglarea, but
> the problem is I guess that GtkGLArea uses glx?
> What functions do I need in gtk+osx and Cocoa/Carbon
> to initialize and render an OpenGL view?
> /Jacob

Um, what GTK-OSX are you using? This list supports GTK+-2.0, for which  
GTK-OSX is mostly a build system with some Mac integration functions,  
which you would use for your application, not for a library.

If GtkGlArea is using GLX, you'll have to patch their code to use OSX  
GL glue instead. Sorry, I've no idea what that would be; I've had only  
passing contact with OpenGL as a part of a wxWidgets project I  
inherited. I suggest searching on OpenGL at http:// You should probably get in touch with the  
GtkGLArea devs as well.

You're probably better off sticking with straight autotools for  
GtkGLArea work; it will integrate into the mother project better if  
they accept your patches, and once you have it working I can add it to  
GTK-OSX for automatic building and inclusion in the frameworks. Then  
you can use XCode to build your application if you want to.

John Ralls

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