Re: [Gtk-osx-users] problem with input source switching

On Jul 17, 2009, at 9:36 PM, Vyacheslav Egorov wrote:

>> It's much more likely that textadept simply isn't responding to the
>> shortcut.
> Why should textadept respond to it?
> It is a global shortcut (configured in System Preferences >
> Keyboard&Mouse > Keyboard Shortсuts) not a textadept shortcut. So I
> think that OS itself should respond to it, not the application. BTW,
> textadept receives cmd+space keypress event.
> In Linux I use ctrl+shift to switch keyboard layouts, but Mac OS X
> does not allow to assign this shortcut to input source switching.

Because gdk-quartz doesn't magically turn textadept into a Mac  
application, and it's the application's job to take key events and  
turn them into characters. For how this works in a normal Carbon  
application, see

Ctrl-Shift? Really? That's rather unusual. No, of course you can't map  
that to the Mac Keyboard Shortcut, but you don't want to. Just open  
textadept and press it  and see if it changes the input method for  
you. It's actually rather likely that it will, because it has to trap  
low-level keyboard events (key-down) to be able to see that sequence  
at all.

John Ralls

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