Re: CSS to look more like Gtk+ 2

On Mon, 2016-12-19 at 14:01 +0000, Emmanuele Bassi
The CSS theming classes and selectors were not API, they were
intentionally not documented, and thus fell under no stability
guarantee — until GTK+ 3.20, when they were finalized and deemed
expressive enough to allow you to write themes without necessarily
ending up writing C code to inject into applications.

Indeed, for GTK 3.20 customization seems to work, and is not that

I just found that link:

Question from Mar 2016, answer from December. But it really works, I
was able to adjust slider width. (That tooltip example works also.)

And, it is not even necessary to logout and login again to test
changes, just restart the application.

(Currently I am using a scaling of two for my whole display on a 28
inch 4k display, which is not bad, but most widgets are a bit large for
my taste. Now I may consider going back to unscaled layout. Main
problem with that was tiny slider size. But now that I can increase
slider size that easy, and maybe a few other components too, I will try
it again...)

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