Re: GtkGLArea


Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

If you're using macOS: there's no GL integration for this platform.

Was there a fundamental technical limitation, or more a matter of
nobody available to make the changes for that platform?

I'm asking, because we're integrating GTK into a legacy Windows and
OSX application, and to support this, we recently added Foreign
Window support to GDK on OSX.

Our primary goal was to embed GTK widgets into Native views,
and we now have that working, via:

  GtkWin32EmbedWidget   // This already existed, but wasn't publicly exposed
  GtkQuartzEmbedWidget  // New, using our GDK Foreign Window additions for OSX

So far, so good.

But, our secondary goal was to get gtk-clutter-embed working similarly.
This is already functioning on Windows, but not yet on OSX.

I had been excited to see the new GtkGLArea, thinking it would help
get Clutter using the GDK backend on OSX, and facilitate getting
gtk-clutter-embed working on that platform.

However, it sounds like we'll want to take on implementing GtkGLArea on
OSX ourselves, assuming there was no technical limitation for the lack
of GL integration you mention on this platform?



N.B. Our hope at some point is to successfully submit these changes as
a "pull request".  But the changes to the Quartz backend have been fairly

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