Re: Set maximum length for text control

Eric at al,

On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 1:56 PM,  <cecashon aol com> wrote:
Your callback looks to be set up correctly but you have some unnecessary
assignments in the function. You don't want.

text = text;
len = len;
ptr = ptr;

The len and text variables are already set up for you to use in the
callback. GTK takes care of that part for you. The ptr variable in your set
up is going to have the variable or variables that you want to send to the
maxlen_handler() function. It can also be NULL so I don't know by looking at
your code how that pointer is set up. What does

g_signal_connect_after(buffer, "insert-text", G_CALLBACK(maxlen_handler),

look like in your code? Is there a value in the NULL position that you need
in your function?

Check where the location iter is.

g_print("Iters %i %i\n", gtk_text_iter_get_offset(location),

It might be at the same position as the end iter. Then the delete won't do
anything. You might need another iter to get the starting position of where
you want to remove text.

Yes, you were right. The iterator was at the same positions.

I ended up with the following code:

    gint count = gtk_text_buffer_get_char_count( buffer );
    if( count > 5 )
        GtkTextIter offset, end;
        gint startPos = gtk_text_iter_get_offset( location );
        gtk_text_buffer_get_iter_at_offset( buffer, &offset, startPos - 1 );
        gtk_text_buffer_get_iter_at_offset( buffer, &end, (startPos -
1) + len );
        gtk_text_buffer_delete( buffer, &offset, &end );
        gtk_text_iter_assign( location, offset );

for the GTK+2.24.
I will still need to test it under GTK+3 though.

Thank you for the help.


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