Re: Stock items (button images / menu images etc)

Hello John,

1) If I issue the above command from a Command Prompt (as an Administrator) I see a bunch of output in the command window. By tacking "> some_file" onto the end, I could capture that output and redirect it to "some_file". 2) However.... if I DIDN'T launch the Command Prompt as an Administrator, the exe's output doesn't go to the command window. Instead, a second command window gets opened and the output gets sent there. Presumably, that 2nd window has its own independent stdout. Therefore I can't successfully capture (or redirect) its output.

This issue you are getting has something to do with how UAC works, which is a part of Windows Vista/7/8; As you have noticed, this issue is avoided if you built gtk-update-icon-cache.exe with Visual C++, or if you embed the MinGW-built (i.e. possibly cross-compiled) with a manifest (with mt.exe) that tells UAC that this program would not need to raise alarm to UAC (you can do a google search on this).

p.s. As we don't generally build gtkbuiltincache.h for Visual C++ builds (it is shipped with the release tarball), the normal Visual C++ builds do not build this tool. It is built with Han's NMake Makefiles, though-if there is sufficient demand for building this tool with the Visual C++ builds, I would add a Visual C++ 2008/2010+ project for it-but it shouldn't be hard to do by hand as it essentially depends on GDK-Pixbuf and its dependencies, instead of any of the GDK/GTK+ DLLs/libs.

Hope this explains it a bit for you.

With blessings!

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